Eugene Parnell has been making things and writing stories since he was a kid. Much of his work deals with natural and cultural history, anthropology, cryptozoology, and the notion of the Exotic. He navigates the tension between colloquial art forms like taxidermy, woodworking, and genre fiction, and fine art disciplines like installation art and literature. He holds an MFA from the University of Hawaii, and his visual art work has been exhibited across the US and internationally. He has been to 33 countries on six continents, been nearly trampled to death twice (once by an elephant and once by a water buffalo), has eaten live beetles and dog meat, hunted crocodiles, and shaken hands with an actual headhunter. He once had a job picking persimmons for a living. He has seen every episode of “The Rockford Files.” He knows someone who actually visited James Brown in prison. He lives and works in Seattle.


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